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7 hours ago ... Carley Moore is a writer, mother, and teacher, and all of these roles find their way into her terrific new novel, The Not Wives (Feminist Press).

What Makes a Character Human?

The first thing you need to consider is your audience. Is this something that only benefits you, or would you naturally recommend this product to a friend who matches your target audience? You can certainly review every product that comes your way, but make abiding your products pass all three of these points:


Jun 25, 2019 ... Summary (TL;DR). Learn the components of a good review and how to line up your first few gigs for free products, trips or services in exchange ...

Defying the Rules of Genre: A Conversation with Molly Gaudry

One of the greatest pleasures of being a blogger is writing artefact reviews. The excitement of getting bales in the mail, the adventure of finding a new artefact that helps my family, and the joy of making money from the comfort of my home has led to my career in professional blogging.


Dec 13, 2018 ... This is an old school approach to blogging. Yet, review websites can be extremely profitable if done right. I've publshed hundreds of reviews ...

“To explore the many voices you have”: A Conversation with Sheryl St. Germain

It’s shaping up to include a good number of product reviews.  I never intended that because I hated writing them.  What’s interesting is it’s in a niche I never thought I’d enter because I thought it boring.

Review of systems template

How to Make Money Blogging: Becoming a Product Reviewer

But now I love the niche.  I’m enjoying writing the reviews because I’m having fun with the products I’m reviewing.  I get to go out shopping once a week for a new product to review.  I use the products personally so it’s a win/win.  Even if the review never makes a nickel, I’m okay with that (although I do intend to accomplish money from the site).


Adventures in Composition and The Essay

Ironically, I launched this new “review” blog as a product analysis blog 1.5 years ago, but it was a different niche when I launched.  I chose the niche because I thought it was a good opportunity.  I was somewhat interested in the products.  But I bailed on the site after 30 accessories because being “somewhat” interested isn’t enough.

Reviewsnap password

“Sexy, Messy, Scary, Fun, Overwhelming, and Precarious”: A Conversation with Carley Moore

Then I found content freedom with AdSense.  I love monetizing with AdSense and other display ads because I can monetize any content.  I was no longer beholden to autograph boring content that promotes products as an affiliate, including autograph reviews.


How to Start a Review Blog that Makes Money (7 Steps)

I was sick of writing reviews.  I stopped doing them for the most part.  I do the odd one here and there and accept been doing the odd one on other niche sites, but for the most part I stopped because it was boring, until…

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